What is your flying skill level?

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What is your flying skill level?

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  1. Level 1 - one direction

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  2. Level 2 - two simultaneous directions

  3. Level 3 - three directions at the same time

  4. Level 4 - three simultaneous directions plus camera tilt

  1. Camino Ken SNCO

    Jun 13, 2019
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    I was thinking about how far I have come since I started flying my M2P. I was trying come up with an objective rating number to indicate my skill level and came up with the following.

    Level 1 - I can fly smoothly in one direction.

    Level 2 - I can fly smoothly in two directions simultaneously. Example: up and forward

    Level 3 - I can fly smoothly in three directions at the same time. Example down +diagonal + rotate

    Level 4 - I can fly smoothly in three directions simultaneously and gradually tilt the camera
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  2. Bruce SNCO

    Jun 14, 2019
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    Good rating system!

    I'm currently "fair" but improving at level 3 and only recently beginning to see traces of level 4 evolving. The past couple weeks I've begun to see "traces" of fairly smooth gimbal-tilt. But I have to do this constantly "warning" myself- WATCH YER ALTITUDE-WATCH YER ALTITUDE!

    What's happening is that my focus on the smooth gimbal-tilt is causing me to forget that I'm holding steady the left stick either to climb or descend. The gimbal-tilt throws off my sense that my altitude is changing. I've found myself starting a maneuver finishing the gimbal action...and my AC is at 500 feet! Only once- so far- did I find the opposite, that I had gotten dangerously LOW!
  3. Flycaster NCO

    Jun 26, 2019
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    You forgot "Level 5": DANGEROUS.....;):D
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